panhandling laws

Aggressive panhandling is not protected free speech. Aggressive panhandling includes intimidating behavior, following someone down the street, blocking the sidewalk, touching or other obtrusive or threatening activities.

Passive panhandling is considered free speech, but local governments can put place, time and manner restrictions on passive panhandling.

The Commercial Solicitation Ordinance proposed by Salt Lake City
  • Defines "commercial solicitation" (or panhandling) as any request made in person on a street, sidewalk, or public place, asking for an immediate donation of money or other thing of value
  • "Commercial solicitation" (panhandling) does not include passively sitting or standing with a sign
  • Using false or misleading statements would be illegal
  • The use of false or misleading statements would be unlawful
  • Panhandling would be prohibited after sunset or before sunrise
  • Panhandling would be prohibited
    • within 20 feet of a sidewalk café or outside dinning establishment
    • within 20 feet of a line of people waiting to gain admission to a place or to purchase an item or admission ticket
    • within 20 ft of a sidewalk food vendor
    • in busses, TRAX trains or FrontRunner trains
    • within 20 feet of a bus or train stop
    • within 20 feet of an entrance to a place of religious assembly
    • within 20 feet of an ATM or the entrance to building that contains an ATM

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